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Welcome to the Westchester and Engineering Science Fair registration!
Please note that we are using a new, secure registration system this year, and therefore all teachers will need to create a new account.

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This form is to be completed by the Science Research teacher from each school.

The online portion of the form must be completed and submitted by Monday, November, 25th, 2019.

All forms, research paper, official abstract form must be postmarked by Friday, December 13th, 2019:

    Angelo Piccirillo, SRC Chair - WESEF, 29 South Highland Ave., Ossining, NY 10562.

Optional Extended Deadline (January 13th 2020) -- only for projects that registered in November and submitted the $160 by the December 13th, 2019 deadline (combined $60 normal fee $100 late fee)
Late postmark date for: participant's research paper, abstract, entry fees, and all forms. Any missing paperwork at this time with result in a disqualification

**Any student who has chosen the optional, extended deadline (Jan. 13) MUST still submit forms 1, 1A, 1B and the research plan for assessment. In addition the fee for the optional, extended deadline ($160) must also be submitted by December 13th!!

All student online entry forms are to be completed by the teacher ONLY. No forms submitted by individual students will be accepted.

Please include a printed copy of your online registration along with these forms, as well as a check made payable to WESEF ($60 per student or $160 for extended deadline students). Teachers will be contacted via email regarding revisions/additional forms that may be required for each project. Final forms, revisions and final research paper are due postmarked by December 13th, 2019. Failure to produce these revisions/additional forms by the specified deadline will result in a disqualification.

All fees are non-refundable regardless if a student drops or is disqualified (due to student/teacher error or does not show independent data collection.)
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Please fill out the contact information for your school. If one or more of your projects include students from multiple schools, you'll be able to specify alternate schools for specific projects.
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Q: How do I save my changes?
A: All changes you make save immediately and automatically as soon as you switch to a different field.

Q: What is the difference between DELETE and DROP?
A: When you DELETE a student, the student is permanently removed from your account and cannot be undone. When you DROP a student, the system retains any information you entered for reference, and the student can still be confirmed at a later date.

Q: I have a team of two students. How do I enter their information?
A: One student will be the "master" record, and the other student will be connected to the team through the "Teammate" drop-down. When creating the second member of the team, link the students by choosing the first student from the Teammate drop-down. And then any changes you need to make to category, topics or forms will only need to be done on the master student's record.

Q: What if I have a team with three students?
A: The process is the same as above. Just select the first student from the Teammate drop-down for both the second and third students you create, and the system will automatically link all three.